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Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh what a...

i wish i could say oh what a night :) but cannot right now. rather oh what a week. i just hate kerfuffles, i am not one that likes drama so it really bothers me. it has been up and down this week with everything. i think that it has died down and lessons have been learned and apologies have been said. i know he loves me with every fiber of my being.
lessons learned:
#1 don't tell anyone anything you do not want to get around.
#2 stop over thinking things. i tend to take a situation and think of the WORST case scenario with it and ASSUME that is what is going to happen in my life with it.
#3 learn to trust, not only by saying "i trust you" but also show it in action, by say not letting lesson # 2 be your train of though.
***it is Friday and i hope the weekend is good a good one. i have been lacking in school work due to my week, gotta catch up now that my mind a heart are beginning to feel a little better!

~more to come later...

Monday, March 7, 2011

list of stills...

still in school...picked up 2 more classes that started today! after these 2...3 more left!!! WooHoo!!! :)
still ALL A's...knock on wood...still wondering why i could not do this before?
still no gift form valentines day :(
still cooking, cleaning, and being a taxi driver :-/
still learning new recipes!  Yummy! :)
still blogging :)
still at home :(
still trying to be the best, kindest, loving, sweetest person i can be :)
still keeping and having faith in my Heavenly Father (Eternally Grateful) :)
still wondering who reads my blog???...hmmm (chime in if you do :)

~more to come later...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Well hello there...

well hello there March! so glad you are here! Although Feb. is a short month, it sure felt long. possibly because i had classes all through it that ended on the 27th of Feb. one week break then back to 3 classes again. i am down to 5 classes left for my masters. i sure hope it will all be worth it in the end. i need a job and to get out of my parents house. any ideas? i can do and learn lots! it is the only way i can see myself having ANY form of freedom. lets us not mistake this with me not being grateful, b/c i am, but i would like the rules to lax a little bit. btw, that gift for valentines day that i was supposed to get on the 14th of Feb. is still not here :( very sad Mr. Postman!
~more to come later...