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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Super Duper Fast and Quick!

need to hurry with this one! what a day. i have never been so happy to see 10 PAGES!!! finally i hit that magic number. Heavenly Father please see me through the rest of this week and another paper....a WHOPPING 15 PAGER....AHHHH!!! i can and have to do it! still no gift, but at least i know what it is now :) now i am dying to see what it looks like! my hunny is such a sweetheart!

~more to come later...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

still waiting :(

well, i am still waiting on my v-day gift :( now we are hoping it will arrive this week. what is the deal Mr/Ms. Postmand/woman. on a brighter note, there are 3 lovely songs form my love on my fb wall. he makes me very happy and these do not happen often so when they do...i RELISH in them! oh, joined swagbucks too. so far it is really neat!

Love: swagbucks-check out the widget above to find out where codes are
Dislike: not having my v-day gift yet.

~more to come later...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day and...Waiting... guessed it Valentine's Day! how could i end the day with out a post...right? i guess some may call it happy heart day, happy v-day, happy single's awareness day? what ever you choose to call it i hope it a happy one. seriously though, why do we feel the need to shorten everything? examples: merry x-mas, happy v-day, happy b-day, fb etc. way of life now i suppose. single awareness day, i am not a fan of. everyone has a special someone or something that loves and cares for them, it does not have to be a significant other. parents, grandparents, pets, siblings, aunts, uncles...oh yea, your friends, that hidden bag of chocolate (well, you probably love it, not so much it loving you or your hips and thighs) so no one should feel left out on Valentine's Day.

i took my bother for a little lunch on V-day after his class. it was nice and we got a free cookie out of  it! FREE is nice right? so my folks got cards, my bro got a gift in at school, and me what did i get? is the story. my sweet, sweet, sweet, dear love tried his best to make sure his gift got to me today (2/14/2011). no such luck. i am not worried about it though b/c i know he loves me and his words meant and mean more to me than any gift he could buy. he called me as soon as he woke up to wish me a happy v-day and tell me he is thinking about me and loves me...who needs a gift after that right? i do not, but my curiosity is getting the best of me and i would like to know what the gift was :) so with that, i am asking:

**Mr. Postman, please deliver my gift from my love to me so that i can open it like a Christmas present and smile in approval, then head to my phone to call and tell him i love him and the gift. also, if you get it to me soon, i promise my love will not get too upset with you or the company and not have to use his disapproval words with anyone. Thank you kindly!
 --*Still Patiently Waiting Woman*

overall, a good day and now back to the paper, lots left to do to finish out these last 2 weeks. I sure hope everyone's Valentine's Day was special! mine has been because i know i am being thought of and loved!

~more to come later...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

on the hunt...

on the hunt for a good sale on chocolate...DOVE anyone? of course this is for Valentines Day...this is what I am saying so I can get away with eating lots of it for the rest of the week!

~more to come later...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

shameless secret

so here it is, my shameless secret...during the winter months i sometimes buy groceries and leave them in the trunk of my car. everything from soda cases and 2 liters to fruits and lunch meat. i figure with it being cold outside and my car being outside in the cold it is a "free refrigerator" right? please note that i do remember to go in and get my groceries out by the next day or so. i wonder who else does this?

Like: coupons
Dislike: writing papers...simply b/c i am tired and write about 3 500-1000 words papers each week. i usually go past the word count each time...opps ;) it will be over soon until i dabble into getting yet another degree :)

~more to come later...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello there February!

happy February to one and all. it is the month of LOVE, so i hope everyone is showered with lots of it! oh and eat lots of chocolate too :)

Like: Love
Dislike: lack of tolerance

~more to come later...