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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Peppermint Oil Talk

hi readers! do any of you use essential oils? which one is your favorite? have you used or do you use peppermint oil? i have a product that i got a chance to try through Tomoson. the opinion of this product is my own. overall great product and perfect for these cold months and cold season too. i love the dropper that automatically comes with it too! it is a huge bottle of peppermint oil. it is in tact and had a strong peppermint smell. it is great for my sinuses and headaches too. i was surprised that a big size bottle  (4oz) would have such a strong smell and quality and be in tact. most times when we get essential oils, they are in a small bottle less than 1 oz. how do you use your essential oils? this can be purchased on amazon at a great price. click the picture for more info! stay healthy my readers!


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