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Saturday, May 18, 2013

day 18-Childhood Memories and some pics!

day 18 of blogging each day in may! wahoo! so far so good. i cannot sleep right now so let's talk about my childhood. (thank you for having images!). my childhood was a good one. i did often think my parents were too strict and still are but i was allowed to do things i just could not stay out super late like they could. now, once it is 11:00pm it is time to go in and sleep. not a spring chicken anymore. i had all i need and never wanted for anything and for the most part it still holds true now. i am fortunate in this area. ok now more about my childhood.

i LOVE to travel! being a military child/"military brat" that is what you do. you move...ALL THE TIME it seems. the travel bug bit me and i still have it. i guess b/c i was sick as a child, my parents really could not leave me with a sitter or someone when they went on trips for fear that something fatal could happen to me so...i literally went EVERYWHERE with them. i am now always the first one ready to go on a trip, even if it is to the next town. a few of my favorite places have been disney world, atlanta, europe (italy and sicily) africa, and of course any of the 50 states. the USA is a great place to travel. what this has taught me is to be adventurous and try new things and foods. also to be nice and to respect others. i only hope that i am able to take my love and our future family on as many trips as i have been grateful to go on and many more and create our own memories! thank goodness for the digital camera! wahoo for NO film! one can snap to their hearts content! *what is your favorite childhood memory? p/s: how do you like the new look of my blog?

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