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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 29...Music Me

day 29 in blogging everyday in may is here! 2 more days left. so today is about music. music is nice, it is fun, you can dance to it, relax with it, have a romantic night with it (i am leaving it at that for this one). so here are 5 of my favorite songs. lets see if i can hit a few genres:

1. i really like Adele and her song "Someone Like You". when i my last break-up this song helped a lot. no hard feelings, i came out better in the end.
2. the song: "I just want to be a Rockstar" by Nickelback love it. it is catchy and hey, we all want to be rich right driving 15 cars and hang out at the coolest bars/
3. Michael Jackson's song "Thriller" is a classic. you know you all tried to do the dance.
 4. Charlie Wilson's Song "You are" is a sweet song. one of the first songs my love posted on facebook to me. i think this will be one of my wedding song.
5. This is an OLD song, but i love it: "Butterfly Kisses" by  I am either going to walk down the aisle with my dad to this song or use it as the daddy daughter dance or you know what...maybe both. This song till this day makes me cry. so sweet!

**what songs do you like that speak to you? enjoy the links and thanks youtube!

~eloquently rambling...


  1. I really do not listen to music much anymore--sometimes if I am driving a long distance I will listen to an oldies station (50's, 60's, 70's)--I do still enjoy singing along to them.

    1. I listen to it while driving too. it makes the drive seem shorter somehow.


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