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Saturday, September 14, 2013

6 word saturday!

6 word Saturday is here: here we go! i am dealing with this:

eye surgery for a detached retina 

in other blogging news today...i am just really tired. i wish my love's ex would just leave him alone. olive garden lasanga pan and salad and bread sticks were good. wish my mom would not feel so bad about my eyes. there was really nothing that she could do earlier or sooner. i hoppe they fix it and i just want to know that i have support and love through all this b/c at times i do not. i hate the feeling of being ignored. ok, today is just a sad day and i really do just want to sleep. hope your saturday is going better. perhaps i will link up with a few blog hops and feel a bit better. your writings do cheer me up!

~eloquently rambling...


  1. I'm here from Six Word Saturday. Wow--you have a lot of stressful stuff going on! If good vibes from a fellow blogger will help, I am sending a bunch of them your way! Take care of yourself!

    1. my fellow blogger, thank you SOOO much for your sweet message. it brought a smaile to my face. heading over to check your blog out and thank you once again! words mean a lot!


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