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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

3 months off/ Photo Challenge

Blogtember Challenge question: if you could take 3 month off from life currently, what would you do? hmmm, i think this is a fairly basic answer, i would go and travel (this is also assuming that money was not an object). i would travel the continents, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe. I would also catch up on a lot of sleep too and get some serious studying done for either my next move in academics for a PhD or medical school. wow! my 3 months is jam packed!! what would you do with 3 months off??

FatMumSlim Photo Challenge: prompt-alone


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  1. I would definitely 100% decide to go travelling too!

  2. wow this is an amazing post! I’m so glad I dropped past your blog ☺!!!
    Keep up the great work and hope we can keep in touch!

    Xx Michelle

    1. MIchelle, thank you for your sweet comment and stopping by! i am glad you dropped by too! i am sure we will keep in touch. adding you to my blog list now and will follow too!


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