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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blogging & Social Media and my eyes

blogtember challenge today is about blogging and social media and how it has changed your life. but first let me tell you all that i should be getting some answers to and about my eyes today as i have an appointment with the retina specialist. i hope it is nothing that is not fixable. i guess i will find out soon enough.

ok, now to blogtember and talk about blogging and social media.
blogging had helped me be a better writer. i express myself more and i am meeting new people. social media for me right now is hit and miss. i enjoy it b/c i am connected with a lot of people family wise and i have my friends on there too. it has it's downside b/c lately i have been having fights on f\acebook with my love on there from mean messages back and forth, to the adding one minute and then removal of our relationship status and pictures the next etc. ugh!! right now, social media is not my friend, but cannot let ONE person ruin it for others that really care about me. we keep saying we will and can work it out. i am waiting for it to happen. maybe there is something i need to work on. what do you think? overall, social media and blogging are great. i love a good blog hop and connecting with others!

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