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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 14 and 15-Memory and Tumbler...

ok, call me slacker why don't you! i am playing catch up days 14 and 15 of the june blog we go:

day 14: earliest memory: 
hmmm, other than the day my brother was born, it would have to be me living in Jacksonville, Fl and going to the water area in my backyard and just splashing away after climbing the big tree in the backyard. i would stay out there for hours. did you have a big tree that you used to climb? 

day15: you favorite tumbler:
well, this is easy b/c i do not have tumbler. done and all caught up now :) i guess if i did it would have one to follow or a tumbler i would follow and do one that focuses on pictures and food.

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  1. Feels good to be caught up doesn't it?

  2. LOVE, that tree picture. Nice memory you have there too. I keep meaning to write something over on bubblews. When I do I will sing out. I did join about 2 wks ago. Gonna add you to my blog log so I can find my way easier to let you know when it happens

    1. Sandy, sounds great my friend! i hope you like the site. i hope you let me know so we can connect and i can help you out!


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