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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 6-June Blog Challenge-30 facts about Me :)

day 6 of the june blog challenge is about facts! facts about me that is.all 30 glorious facts. here we go!
1. i am 28 years old soon to be 29 in july- not much longer now!
2. i work for a college
3. i am a girl
4. i do not have a sister, only a brother
5. i live in florida
6. i like the water-pool, beach, etc.
7. i can swim
8. i am an african-american
9.i have been to disney numerous times!
10. i have never been pregnant---but i want to be one day
11. i have never been married---again---i want to be one day
12. i have food allergies-nuts and seafood
13. i love sweet tea
14. i have never broken a bone--lets hope it stays that way
15. i am a military brat
16. i have lived in sicily--miss that place.
17.i was a VPK teacher
18. i went to and graduated from Florida State University--GO NOLES!!
19. i have a masters in public health--hire me please
20. i like blogging
21. i am afraid of snakes---who is not really?
22. my favorite colors are-pink, blue, and purple
23. i have short hair
24. i have never had a cavity
25. i like to cook
26. i can fully understand, but not speak my parents native language. i am more of a translator i guess
27. i like fruits and veggies- honeycrisps apples rock and a nice salad is always nice.
28. i like to earn free money online-swagbucks, viggle, irazoo etc...bring it on!
29. i love to travel
30. i am a procrastinator :( i am slowly getting much better at this!)

**well, that is it! 30 facts about me :) share some of yours!

~eloquently rambling...


  1. I have never broken a bone either!

    1. good to hear Jen! hope it stays that way too!

  2. I am a procratinator as well. I did not use to be but I have become one. I loved your 30 facts. It must be awful to live in Florida :) and be allergic to seafood!

    1. lol...that was my exact same first thought too Paula...."Florida, but you can't eat the seafood?" oh no!

    2. hahah, well, i can swim in the water so that sort of makes up for it. i do not know what i am missing.

    3. it is not that bad Paula and glad to hear you are out of the procrastination stage!

  3. My sweet tea sister! Must be our "southern-ness" coming out, especially in this heat, right?! So, you lived in Sicily?! I'm super jealous! What's your parents' native language?

    1. RG it must be! this heat is insane. cannot keep ice in my cup long enough. parents native language is Ibo

  4. Sicily...that sounds interesting. Can I ask why you don't use capital letters at the beginning of your sentences? Curious, I find it hard on the eyes..probably an age thing, so wondered...I'm a curious person. Do you still have family in Sicily?

    Working hard to catch up on the challenge.

    1. Sandy, sometimes i do sometimes i do not use the capital letter. in real english papers etc. i do. but i guess for my blog it is all lowercase. i do not have family in sicily. we were there for the military.


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