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Friday, June 21, 2013

day 21, My Favorite

day 21 of the june blog challenge is about your favorite tv show. i have lots of favorites, but i will narrow it down to 3. my 3 are:
1. law and order svu
2. days of our lives
3. real housewives (of any city) NJ, OC, NY, ATL etc. 

--phew posted before the new day! happy weekend everyone!

*what are your favorite tv shows? 

~eloquently rambling...


  1. Glad to have you following Dear Flat Stanley, he's a wise one, lol. All my friends love SVU.

    Love your daily prayer about happiness. Is this new to your blog, or have I've been blind while visiting here other times?

    1. Sandy, SVU is a great show! glad to be following too. the daily prayer has always been on my blog. it was one of those gadget things that goggle has for blogs. love getting your comments!

  2. I like SVU. I didn't know people still watched Days of our Lives but I guess its different from here in Belize.

    1. yes it is! it is a long soap opera. no one ever dies! ha!


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