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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 9-The Future

day 9 of the june blog challenge is about the future. how do you see it? i see my future as bright. i have lots of things i want to work/dabble in so it should be a good one. 2 post in one day foe lucky readers you!
 in the future i plan to:
-get a new car
-go back to school
-get married to my love who happens to be the man of my dreams
-have kids
-have a not just a job but a career
-continue to be blogging and maybe make a book out of all my post
-live in a nice place that has a pool near by and/or beach
-have my health
-get my brother in order as he is autistic and i do worry about his future and me being there for him
-watch countless hours of tv without anyone telling me to turn it off! ha! again, thank you for hulu.
-sort out and either throw away or give away items i am no longer using

**what about does your future look?

~eloquently rambling...


  1. Hi! I found your blog through the Monday Blog hop! Nice to meet you :)

    Nice blog!

    My future looks good. I plan on sucking up every last bit of summer and having the best time ever. I travel a lot and I have a family trip coming up in a couple of months. I am close to my sister so I plan to spend some time with her this coming week, we have concert plans. Enjoying life to the fullest right now.

    My blog link is

    Have a great Monday

    1. Erica, so glad you stopped by! thank you! hope you like the blog and stay a while :)

  2. What wonderful goals for the future! :-)

  3. Nice list for the future, best of luck in all your ventures.


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