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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bad and Mad day :(

oh wow! i not only surprised myself, but my love today too. to be honest i am quite surprised he did not dump me today. i was mean, but he was too and it was warranted from me i say to be mad. long story short...we were arguing over an issue from his past dealing with one of his ex's and well, somehow it escalated and all sorts of things were said such as: i am insecure, i do not trust him, i was doing the same thing and was mad at him for working with the lingerer football team etc. so then i said, well fine since you are so mad and we have gone to name calling etc. maybe we do not need to be with each other and i hope something bad happens to me so that you will forever regret not saying nice things to me...and then i hung up on him b/c well, we were both yelling and i was done. forward now. we calmed down and said we are sorry and we are OK :) i am still letting him call me b/c well, i think he is still upset. his words and replies to text etc. are not the same. appears that things are still on his mind. i love him, but i do not have to like him at the moment. it is not like me to yell and i sure did today :( have you ever gotten SO mad at someone you love that you did not act like yourself at all?
this was probably my face on the other end too...opps :(
ROFL, ok, that is funny. but you know you  this sometimes goes through your mind  when mad...don't lie
to despite the little rift in the period is on too, i had to stay at work until 7pm for an event, i left my phone charger and keys at home and had to drive back during lunch to get it and was almost late for my next event etc. phew. what a crazy day! i hope friday is much better than thursday! how was your thursday?

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  1. Oh sweetie it's completely normal. Kyle and I had a few fights like this at the beginning of our relationship. You will get through it. Hugs!

  2. I hate the fights like that! I'm one to cut throat also.Prayers for you guys! It happens to everyone..

    1. yea, it happens. we are fine now and back on the same page. i think i gave a fair assessment too. we said our I'm sorry's and moving on :)


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