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Saturday, April 20, 2013

New shops, work, and beach.

hey all! happy saturday!!! wahoo for the weekend. so i am back from a financial aid event at the school. i sure hope we hit our much needed numbers...prayers and well wishes that we do :) it was nice to see my co-workers over the weekend, but ehhh, for weekend work.
we got new stores in our town! wahoo! little Pensacola, FL is starting to become more than just the white sand beaches :) we now have stores like Marshalls, DSW, Fresh Market, Ulta, Sephora, and Stein Mart, and all in one shopping area. got some lunch from Fresh Market, that was nice and yummy too. i felt healthy eating there...hahah! enjoyed a little bit of just looking around at the shops (since i was on that side of town) before heading back out in traffic to head on home. then i stopped in good-ole Target and that is where i really did some shopping :) ha! i guess you go where you know. well, welcome new stores, hope to be shopping there and more often soon!
this is actually a pic of pensacola beach.

the shopping area where is all began!!! Ahhhhh!!!
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  1. Hey there!
    I want to invite you to a new blog hop I'm hosting. Stop by the SHOW OFF Weekend Blog Party and meet wonderful bloggers looking to connect with others! Hope to see you there!

    The Wondering Brain

    1. Jessica, thank you for the invite, i will be there!

  2. Fingers crossed that you hit your numbers! :)

    1. thank you Jen! it is the only way i will keep my job right now :)


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