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Monday, April 29, 2013

Things that make you go...hmmmm....

--why do hotdogs taste better at a baseball, basketball game or event or when someone else makes them then when you make them yourself? i am the same way about pancakes.
--why do men get so defensive when they claim they did nothing wrong when you ask them a question, they do not like.
--why is it that when i am 15 min late for an appointment at the doctors office i have to rescheduel, but when my doctor is 45 min late, i do not get a discount or refund not even an i am sorry we are running behind?
--why is it that walmart has 35 lanes, but only 3 are ever open? people need jobs wal-mart, you could easily employ 32 people per store. i think this would help our nations unemployment drastically!
--how does subway run out of bread? that is kind of a major part/ingredient for a sandwhich SUBway!

~eloquently rambling...


  1. I agree about hot dogs! That is so funny.

    1. yes, it is strange about hotdogs. they are SO good at the ball park!

  2. The Walmart and the doctor office stuff is so true!

    1. haha! yes and i am sure many more too NavyWif33 :)


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