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Sunday, April 21, 2013

If it is is...

hey there! time for the Sunday Social! Link up with others over at "A complete waste of Makeup" blog and join in on the social event! hope you all are learning a little more about me with each post :) just got in from working out. 1.5 mile walk/run and 30 min on the stationary bike...phew! here we go!!!
Sunday Social

what is your shopping weakness?: any place that has a sale. i really like wal-mart b/c i can find almost anything there and the clearance sections. i just about know where all the clearance sections are located at my wal-mart. i like the mall too, but being on a budget, wal-mart and SALES are the way to go!

food weakness? sweet and or salty. i love a good bag of chips, but if cake is near me, regardless of the diet i am currently on, i will ALWAYS partake on cake! i guess "junk food" in general is a weakness, but i do not eat a lot of it :)

go to movie when nothing is on: sex and the city 1 &2 and also legally blonde, and any move by Tyler Perry/Madea, or you know what, i just get on :)

go to breakfast food: drive through window at mcdonalds, burger king, or dunkin donuts. i am usually not hungry when i get up and out of the house by 6:45am, but then it hits me. i usually get a breakfast sandwich (sausage, egg and cheese etc.) with either sweet tea or iced coffee.

do you drink coffee? if so, how do you take it?: speaking of coffee: i am off and on with it. if i take it, it is with flavored liquid coffee creamer and 2 splendas, i really prefer iced coffee; either vanilla or caramel flavored and LARGE!!!
**lets get social y'all!

~eloquently rambling...


  1. I'm a sucker for sales! :)

  2. I love coffee! I miss coffee shops sooo much! :)

    I have been doing my own version of project 365. I take a photo every day and describe it. I had thought I would do it on paper, except it costs over $2.00 usd to print a 4x6 inch photo, haha. So, there's no way I would really print photos. I do my best to upload the photos in my blog posts, too. :-) I'm just ready for a change. Going home will be a nice break. :) for sure. My husband is also ready.

    1. oh ok! good to hear. i understand the photo cost etc. change is good and welcomed in your case. is your hubby going to practice medicine in the US? where will his degree read? i guess i should be asking what are the truths and myths of Caribbean med schools? thanks!

    2. Ultimately, if you are interested in Caribbean medical schools you ought to stay within the top three, American University of the Caribbean, Ross, or St. George's University (where we are) because these are the best schools, you can get federal funding and these schools prepare you to take the boards in the US. It's one thing that the Caribbean Schools do instead- before leaving the island, or being able to even attempt to take the Step 1 exam the Caribbean Schools have a test that each student must pass. IF they do not pass it (I think they might get two chances) then they will not be able to move onto clinicals- and they will not be able to take the Step 1 exam (or, I think that this is the case). If you look at the statistics, the Caribbean Medical Schools usually have a pass rate of 95% or whatever on boards. It's because they won't let people who are not prepared to take it, take it from their school. We have had friends who end up transferring and re-taking it through another school- but it's not a good idea, it's too much. After passing Step 1, the students are able to complete their clinical rotations in the US. Moe will definitely practice in the US.

      Hope that helps! Let me know if you have more questions, I can email you or something.

    3. this does help a lot. thank you Tammy! good bet to practice in the US if you can. i am also looking at DO schools and schools with bridge programs. i hope i am not too old (almost 30) to start.

    4. Moe's 33 now, so.. you are not too old. Some US schools are a little weird about age.. they will discriminate, but won't let you believe that. Moe picked MD over DO, just because of the history of programs, basically. MD is still MD no matter where you graduate from. Once you graduate, it doesn't matter anymore, you know?

    5. this is true! i did not think of it that way. at this point, it may be my only option.

    6. I don't know about Ross or AUC, but SGU has an option, that once you're accepted, they will allow you you come to the island, and see the school, and when you come they re-imburse you for the cost of your ticket and hotel, I think it's "Discover SGU" or something.

      I wish that Moe and I had done this before, but.. we were wedding planning and moving and it was really too much. I DEFINITELY Suggest this though. Being here is something that no one could have told us about. It's just something that you need to experience for yourself, and to know what you should bring with you, etc. Based on your own needs.

    7. it is nice that they allowed you/family to go. are there passport visa issues to come and go off the island?


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