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Monday, May 2, 2011

Hello May :)

Wow! what a way to start the month of May. first off for me, i have finished 9 classes in 8 months. it was 2-3 classes straight for 8 weeks it for 8 months. i really pray that I make the 94, A which is what i need and not a 93 point whatever and stuck at an A-....i am so close, i would be really sad not to get it. this is where my faith is going to have kick in :) i am so tired. so ready for this break. so ready for the pool. excited about moving, at least i will be closer to the beach :)

then the news of all times, Osama Bin Landin is dead. our troops did it. it is great for our troops to have such an accomplishment under their belt. can you believe that Osama was only 54 when he died??? wow! i thought he was much older...just did. it is not a matter of politics at this point, though it will be come re-election time, but it loos like Obama killed Osama. i hope the birth certificate issue can be dropped for good now. not only did he show is birth certificate to the Americans, but now he has killed the # 1 most wanted person in America dead or alive. Obama in general has been really lucky with his term in arguing with that.

who would have thought all this would happen in the month of may...just 2 days into it. cannot see what the rest of the month has in store for us all.

~more to come later...

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