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Saturday, January 22, 2011

I wonder...

i do not seem to understand folks, men especially. if there is something wrong, why not just tell what it is and have those who care for you and want to help you do so. if it was something that you did not want to talk about, why update your say...facebook status about it? you know people are going to ask you questions and want to know what is wrong/the matter. maybe it is an attention thing, who knows.

so far a decent day. i did 5 miles today. i ate well. i am reading my fellow students post and commenting and will get back to it... but rather i have been playing around the blog world :) opps :( i now have 40 blogs i follow...yea. this will make for some interesting reading on my free time! you all sure to have some fascinating lives!

Like: chocolate :)
Dislike: sticking my finger 3 or more times a day to check my blood sugar :(

~more to come later...

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