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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hello Post # 20!

--well 20 blog post now. i know this is very little especially compared to those i follow who seem to have hundreds and even thousands of post. maybe one day as my life becomes more interesting i will become blog post happy.
--overall, i am ok. my folks still get under my skin, on a regular it seem too. i know they care and such, but still, let me be from time to time. i also think i am SO ready to move back out of the house...i i KNOW that will help out a TON.
--i hope to one day be all that i can be. i am still in the process as i am constantly in school all the time it seems. when is it going to end? hmm, since i still have my sites set on medical school...umm...NEVER! i enjoy learning about anything and everything. it is fun to me and there is so much going on out there to not explore. i just hope i can continue to juggle it all when i am a wife and mother...i just can't sit still :)
--recenty i have started a few of things. looking and collecting freebies, reading other people's blogs, working out basically on a daily basis, cooking, couponing, and organizing where i can in the house. i wish i got paid to do these things and basically for now being a "stay at home daughter"
--i will keep my faith and eventually i know i will be successful, become a wife, be a mommy, and save lots of money via couponing and be 100% happy in my life b/c right now, i am 60% :(
--i wonder who reads my blog from time to time? it is okay if you do it in secret, that counts too!

~more to come later...

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