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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Quirky ole Me...

not too much to say today :( on that note however, my do i have a lot of little quirks. i guess that just makes me unique. i just adore the single serve drink packets from crystal light or any sugar free brand really. i went through my purse and found a bunch! looks like i will be drinking more H2O after all :) also, it is amazing what one can find when one cleans out their purse...for you guys i guess it would be cleaning out your wallet, emptying your pockets or better yet... cleaning out your car. i love purses of any kind and i am currently on the hunt for a new one...on sale of course! i also love the Dollar Tree! so many little cute nick-nacks to buy, but i have self control and just look and only buy what is needed :) GO ME!!!

~more to come later...

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