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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Gym Day!

went to the gym today for the last time they will be opening on sunday. the sequester is really hitting everything and the military hard. from not paying for our troops to go to school anymore and making the civilians who work on base work 4 days a week rather than 5 days a week. 32 hours a week now rather than 40 hours a week. very sad and not sure how many families are going to cope?

The gym was a nice workout and the steam room was needed. also my period is here, so it was nice to move around, but i think i am paying for it now :( the shower was nice and endless and constant hot water for FREE!!! yea! i am eating everything in site right now, i am SO hungry and craving all sorts of things. planning to watch "The Bible" soon and for those that viggle, including me...remember to viggle! if you do not know what Viggle is, find out more about it HERE! fun and easy app. you are watching tv anyway, may as well get some points for prizes for it :). working on work stuff and getting ready to cook dinner for the week. hope your sunday is going well  and of course....Happy St. Patty's Day! wear green, enjoy and stay safe!

we all love and remember a Care Bear right?!?!
~eloquently rambling...


  1. Yay for the gym! I always enjoy gyms on quiet and relaxing. :)

    1. yes, it is! it was quiet and all the machines i wanted to use were open!


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