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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Community Baby Shower and Old Mentor

today was a good day. it started out with me leaving the house when it was still dark outside on this here saturday, but hey, duty called :) i attended a community baby shower for the city of pensacola. it was nice. and i met some other agencies and we chatted. also, there were really cute babies there and LOTS of pregnant mommies. ahhh, i really am looking forward to when i am pregnant. i think it will be a good experience. i promised my love and co-workers that i would NOT TAKE ANY babies home with me. that is frowned upon, taking other people's children, but i was also assured that my love had bail money ready just in case i did do such a thing...hahahaha! at least they all know the child/children that i may have taken home would have been well cared for :) here i am with the cute little boy with such curly hair feeding him. he was just giggling away and SO precious. it was nice and i felt like a mommy...awww!

after the event, i went to the mall. it was a beautiful day outside and i was in the area. i got some great deals and ran into an old mentor/counselor of mine. we have lost touch since i graduated from the then community college to go on to college in 2007. come to find out, i lost touch b/c she was let go due to downsizing etc. and was no longer at the college. just chalked it up to she sees thousands to students each year so i may have just got lost in the shuffle :( so what a nice surprise to see her and catch up a bit and we both STILL remembered each other!! and get this too....we walked out of the mall together only to find out somehow that we parked right next to each other!!!. TOO ironic and it was meant to be. got her new number now and she was very proud of what i have done since then and i am proud of her for being able to not let a downsize set back keep her down. she is now working on the military base...good for her!!! cannot wait to do lunch with her sometime soon and get back to staying connected. hope your staturday went well!! :)

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    1. it really was Jen! finally got my phone to work with me and post up the correct pic of me and the handsome boy!


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