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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Less than 24 hours!!!

in less than 24 hours i have done the following....
--hello post 160 :)
--hello iphone 3GS that i have now FINALLY took the plunge and hooked you up to my apple to update! 2.5 hours later...IOS 6.1.3 :) it was scary and the next update is just going to be a new phone!
--i was at another campus today and had to work from there. it is odd using another person's work desk. i felt like i was being sneaky as i was looking for things so that i could work.
--i found my past taxes, but have yet to file my new ones :( really, what am i waiting on?
--i almost lost my wallet :( i had it in my hands for lunch and then left the office that is not mine to head to CVS and forgot it. luckily i remembered where it was and the police was nice enough to get it. it was on top of the computer hard drive that sits under the desk.
--getting ready for a dr. appointment on monday the start of my spring break. got all the reports from my last visit. i hope it goes well and that there are some improvements in medicine that i can take advantage of.
--NEW APP ALERT!!! found this app called Ride. you get points for going anywhere by car, foot, plane, train, boat...anything that moves and you are in it you get points. today was my first day with it and from my home to work and back and a few stops in btwn it say i did  41 miles..phew. if you like an invite let me know what your Facebook page is and i can send you an invite that way. you also get points for commenting on a picture on their page, sharing a pic from their page to your page. answering a question etc. download the app and get started earning points for traveling and get cool prizes in return! for apple phones IOS 5 or higher only...sorry.

**that is all for now and i can now go back to earning some FREE amazon gift cards from my phone without almost every time seeing the "you need IOS 5 or higher to download this app". my love stayed with me via skype while i was doing it all. i guess if i did lose ALL my contacts, it would not matter b/c all i really need is his contact info right? LOL! hope your thursday is/was a good one!

~eloquently rambling...


  1. Busy lady! Have a great weekend! :)

    1. yes it was a busy day Jen! how is DisneyLand?


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