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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wed. When's

a list of "when's" here we go!!!

--when will we learn that kindness is golden?
--when will i loose these last stubborn 10 lbs?
--when will i see my love again?
--when will a higher power give me an answer to one of my prayers?
--when will we as Americans feel safe in our own country again?
--when will we learn to tolerate?
--when will i go on with my education?
--when will i move out of the house? will it be a new town?
--when will i save enough money? do we ever really save "enough" money?
--when will i get to those Liebster Awards? i need to answer those great questions...getting to that soon!

these are the things among other that run through my head on a constant basis. it is busy up there! (LOL).

**what are you list of "when's"?

~eloquently rambling...


  1. Oh gosh I have a huge list of whens haha. Hope you are having a good day! :)

    1. Jen...after you Q & A blog post, do share! :)


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