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Friday, March 15, 2013

Quick Friday/Check out Blog!

will be at an all day meeting for the counselors. so who knows when i will update the blog, so i am doing it now :) did not want to leave my readers with nothing!! i am going to try and not be so down on myself and grumpy. perhaps my period is coming and the stress of the office move. both will soon be here and over. i am going to take notes and really listen and remember your co-workers DO NOT need to be your FRIEND. keep it cordial and move on.

now...curious to know...what topics/ideas/things would you all like for me to write/share my opinion about? i am open to just about anything! i cannot wait to read Jen's @ Adventures of Our Army Life blog soon (as in friday which is today!!!) she is answering some good/unique questions! check her out! happy friday!

~eloquently rambling...


  1. Awww thanks!!! :) I think you should share anything you want, life in general is good. :)

    1. Jen, i think you are right! may just keep that and as topics flow in my head, jot them down!


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