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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Taking Stalk Meme

hi readers! here is a post not product related...yea! i have been doing a lot of product reviews as you can tell. it is fun but i am missing my blog hops and memes :( here we go with Sunday Stealing!

 Making: bone broth soup

 Cooking: bone broth soup

 Drinking: powerade

 Reading: blog post and magazines

 Wanting: a clean room

 Looking: at the computer screen

 Wasting: precious time sometimes

 Wishing: i was closer to loved ones

 Enjoying: the burst of warm weather after the freeze in FL

 Waiting: for the bone broth to finish cooking so i can eat

 Liking: my new computer and car

 Wondering: how i was ever friends with some people

 Loving: everyone that wants and needs to be loved

 Listening: to the sounds of outside

 Needing: to find a perfect job that fits

 Smelling: the bone broth on the stove (are we noticing a theme?)

 Wearing: light color jeans and an orange school i work at shirt

 Following: lots of you via your blog and twitter

 Noticing: things are not what they seem

 Knowing: that there is still much to learn and see

 Thinking: about a Thanksgiving Menu

 Feeling: quite content at the moment

 Bookmarking: my favorite websites 

 Opening: my heart to new possibilities

 Giggling: at some of the drama and funny post i am seeing on social media.



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