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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Colorful Post

hi readers! let's talk colors! who does not love colors. they just brighten the mood and can make things standout or make a statement. follow along with this meme w/Sunday Stealing

~ Your hair:--black

~ Your eyes:--dark brown

~ Your shirt:--pink

~ Your socks:--no socks on but usually black or white

~ Your shoes:--no shoes now but usually black or brown shoes

~ Your purse:--black

~ Your wallet:--black

~ Your phone:--black phone with a blue, white and black zebra design

~ Your computer/laptop:--silver 

~ Your earphones:--pink

~ Your best friend’s hair:--blonde

~ Your best friend’s eyes:--green

~ Your sky today:--cloudy



  1. It was cloudy here today also but at least the temp was above zero finally!

    Happy Sunday Stealing!

  2. I would love to be somewhere warm enough to be barefoot!

  3. After two feet of snow I am hoping for some sunny days.

  4. It's finally sunny here today! I was just out enjoying it.

  5. That zebra design sound interesting

  6. We are getting some very longed for rain. Not nearly enough but we can't complain. I'm barefoot too


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