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Monday, April 20, 2015

Swagbucks Fun and Info!

hi readers! lets talk about Swagbucks! it is a fun site and a great way to earn a little here and there in the way of gift cards and PayPal etc. for doing things you are already doing such as searching the internet, playing games, shopping, and so much more. worth checking out. also right now they have a challenge going on which can get you extra bucks as well. i am on Team Seize The Daisies! check it out and it is so easy and fast to get your first 500 SB which will equal a $5.00 gift card!!! click on the picture and read below for more info!

here is some more info: 
Starting April 20th at 10am PDT/1pm EDT you can win a big bonus during the Swag Bloom Team Challange at!

Earn points for your team in the categories below and help your team bloom to take home the title!
SwagButton - 30 pointsSurveys - 25 pointsReferrals - 20 pointsShop Clicks - 25 pointsSearch - 15 pointsSwagstakes - 15 pointsSpecial Offers - 10 pointsMobile Offers - 10 pointsMobile Video - 10 pointsSwag Codes (through Mobile or SwagButton) - 5 points

All members who participate and contribute at least 100 points to their team’s total will be rewarded, regardless of what team you are on!1st place team: 80 SB 2nd place team: 50 SB3rd place team: 30 SB4th place team: 20 SB 5th Place team: 10 SB. The Swag Bloom Team Challenge ends at 12pm PDT/3pm EDT on April 24th.All bonuses to be awarded by April 28th. Not a member yet? You're missing out on turning the things you do online into free gift cards! Join today and start earning SB towards your first gift card.

do not forget to check out this fun and motivating link-up too!
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  1. I do swagbucks sometimes, not alot like before. I'm old enough rarely get approved for any surveys anymore. I liked the cooking video's, but they don't have what they used to. I get a few SB a day and when they add up turn them into Amazon gift cards which I use to buy books for my Kindle. Not a bad system, but earning swag is a much slower process then it used to be when I first joined. I used it for charity when I was earning a decent amount consistently.

    Shutting down one of my blogs, one I used last year in the a-z challenge so am visiting everyone I had in my blog log there to leave a different links.


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