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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Organic, Natural, Beautiful, and Made with Love! #1

Hi readers! I do not know what has taken me SO long to share about all these great, handmade with love, soaps and beauty products. There are 3 sites I want to share with you all, but we will do them in part. Part one is going to talk about my friend--The Soap Maker!

 A bit about her: She is a wonderful lady that I met at my local Farmers Market here in Florida. Her products are reasonably priced. She makes EVERYTHING by hand and with love. The scents are AMAZING!! Whenever I get them from the Farmers Market, the smell perfumes my car. She has BIG (6-7oz) bar soaps that she sells for $6.50 each or if you buy 6 BIG bars, it will be $36.00. Scents are by season, but she does have those that are staples and available all the time. Check out the pictures below of her work and products. Feel free to like her Facebook page (she will get a kick out of that!) Facebook link/page:

What The Soap Maker sells: Well, yes, Soaps, but so much more too! All products are organic and natural and handmade. She sells: soaps ( BIG, incredible scents, and rich lather), lotion bars (extream moisture and they last a while), body sprays, cold and flu spray (it really works too!), and bath salts. She uses good quality essential oils and has something for everyone! Got a cold/sinus issues...she has a soap for that! Got an itch or psoriasis and/or eczema or acne...she has a soap for that! Got PMS...she has a soap for that and it smells amazing and makes your forget about your PMS! She even has product for your furry 4 legged friends too! She has thought of it all. 

How to get these products: The Soap Maker, can be reached via Facebook (link is above) or by phone: 251-239-8004. Nothing individually is over $20 ($15 really and that is not bad for Organic, Natural and Handmade!). She ships flat rate too all over the US! Give her a try and spread the word. You will love her products! 



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