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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Would you Rather Meme

hi readers! here is a fun meme with Sunday Stealing. question is...would you rather...

Would you rather go into the past and meet your ancestors or go into the future and meet your great-great grandchildren?--future and meet great-great grandkids. then i would also see who i ended up marrying right? 
Would you rather have more time or more money?--right now... more money 
Would you rather have a rewind button or a pause button on your life?--rewind
Would you rather be able to talk with the animals or speak all foreign languages?--speak all foreign languages. this would greatly help i am sure with the more money part/question.
Would you rather win the lottery or live twice as long?--live twice as long 

Would you feel worse if no one showed up to your wedding or to your funeral?--my wedding b/c i am alive to see that!  
Would you rather be without internet for a week, or without your phone?--no phone for a week. there are SOOO many ways to communicate via the internet, so I would be ok with no phone. 
Would you rather meet George Washington, or the current President?--current President 
Would you rather lose your vision or your hearing?--oh wow! this one hits home for me. i almost lost my vision so i am going to have to go with i would rather lose my hearing. 
Would you rather work more hours per day, but fewer days or work fewer hours per day, but more days?--more hours/fewer days.  
Would you rather listen to music from the 70’s or music from today?--today's music 
Would you rather become someone else or just stay you?--stay me...maybe with some aspects of someone else. 
Would you rather be Batman or Spiderman?--Spiderman. i mean who does not want to swing from building to building and climb walls? 
Would you rather be stuck on a broken ski lift or in a broken elevator?--broken ski lift 
For your birthday, would you rather receive cash or gifts?--cash. at this point, i have so much stuff, that cash would be better to get what i need. 



                                1. I give away a lot of the gifts I wont use

                                  1. that is a nice thing to do Jennifer. i may have to do that with some of my remaining things!

                                2. I agree about the stuff. And there's really no place to get rid of it, once you have it.

                                  1. Ha! CountryDew, you are right. And donation places are becoming SOOO picky too!

                                3. Good answer about the stuff. Thanks for playing again!

                                4. I like the quick and to the point answers. Hope to see what you come up with next week!

                                5. Yup! I'm right with you on the Spiderman choice! I'd be all over the city in a flash!

                                6. Hey, you're back! Welcome back!

                                  Harriet said that Spider Man could get all his shopping done in a flash. So, there you go. Practical and fun all at the same time!


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