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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Gag Me Meme--Ok, do not really Gag me

hi readers and hello Sunday! Enjoy this may get a good laugh out of it too :)

Gag Me Meme...

Do you have a sensitive gag reflex?--not really, unless you stick a toothbrush all the way down my throat
Where are you the most ticklish?--my underarms
What was the last situation to upset you?--having to mow the lawn in this heat
Have you ever had an online argument?--yes, and it was silly really. could have been solved with a phone call.

Do you like to listen to music while filling out surveys (memes)?--if i have it on already i do not turn it off.
How long do you spend on the phone each day, on average?--at work...about 3 hours total, at home...2 hous maybe. we mostly text or use social media to communicate.
Is anything in your hair right now, like gel, hairspray, etc.?--coconut oil

When was the last time you were up before the sun? Do you like wearing sunglasses? Why or why not?-- 
i was up before the sun for surgery. i wear sunglasses because i have had eye surgery in both my eyes. i like wearing them, they have some neat designs now. 

Last show you watched?-- Real Housewives of Orange County
Next vacation you’re going on?--not sure. i hope it is to Disney!

Do you regret doing anything you’ve done this week?--not called my loved ones more this week :(
Last night you felt?--sore and sleepy. i did a 5 mile charity run.
What are you wearing right now?--yoga pants and a stripped t-shirt.
Have you ever kissed underneath the stars?--yes
What are you doing now?--typing up this meme!
What plans do you have for tonight?--not really. work tomorrow so gotta get ready for that.
What’s the very first thing you do when you wake up, other than breathe?--go to the restroom
Do you like reading?--yes
Do you ever think about stuff and start crying?--sometimes
Have you ever kicked a vending machine?--no

Do people consider you smart?--i hope so
Have you ever stayed online for a very long time waiting for someone?--yes! you said you would get back with me!!
Do you tend to be aware of what is going on around you?--YES!!!
How much money did you spend yesterday?--about $150
Is there anything in your past that you’d like to try again?--college? i probably would have picked a different major. 



  1. I've always wanted to go to Disney! I hope you get to go!

    1. Thank you Paula, I hope to go again soon! I hope you get to go too, it is so worth it!!

  2. Hope you get to Disneyland! I heard the place is huge now. Bring your skates! Oh, they may have banned them. Hehe

    1. Zippi, I hope I get to go too. They keep expanding Disneyland in California? I guess they are doing the same with Disney World in Florida. Looks like I need to go to both!


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