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Monday, March 23, 2015

Another Face Product

hi readers! another face product for you! your face is the first thing people see so keep it looking fresh, young, and pretty. here is a great product that does wonders for the face and a little goes a long way. some may say, you use acid on your face? well, it is not like that. this is good acid for your face that gives it a youthful glow and keeps it moisturized. i add it to my face lotion and apply for all day moisture and no dryness. the smell is pleasant too. i like the dropper bottle. that allows you to control how much you put on your face or add to your face lotion. click on the picture to find out more. product can be found on or through the company website. thank you for allowing me to try this product. opinions are my own. here is the link to the product via the picture below. oz naturals is a great company too that make very nice beauty products.


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