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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Just One Thing

hi readers! let's talk about one thing with Sunday Stealing Meme. here we go...

One Thing ..... 

 that makes you smile: babies/children 

that makes you cry: being hurt

that you love to do on the weekends: sleep in

that you do for only yourself: take a long epsom salt bath

that you have in your underwear drawer that's NOT underwear: my wig

that you do before going to sleep: pray

that you do within the first 15 minutes after waking: go to the restroom

that's in your purse: that you actually LIKE to clean: my wallet

that you DETEST cleaning: the bathtub

that other people would find odd about you: i do not really like to wear dresses...skirts yes, dresses-no, yet i have a closet full of them

that you would buy if I handed you a $100 bill: gas

that you feel you HAVE to do before you die: have a child/be a mommy



  1. I LOVE Epsom salt baths too!!! Have a good weekend!!

    1. auntiem4carbs, cute name. the baths are great. gives me the needed magnesium they say we need. hope you get one too. enjoy your weekend also! thanks for stopping by!

  2. I like to sleep in also but my 8 month old wakes me up early in the morning but that's ok. Hope you have a good weekend.

    1. Stacey, congrats on your baby! worth waking up for i am sure! i hope you have a good weekend too!

  3. I love sleeping in. Best thing about weekends! And being a mom is the best job ever :)

  4. I didn't know that about Epsom salts. I'm going to soak myself soon! Sleeping in is delicious.

  5. I don't like dresses, either. I have skirts but I seldom wear them. Once I discovered jeans, that was sort of the end of my dressing like a girl.

  6. I hate cleaning the bathtub too, it's the worst!

  7. I also hate cleaning the bathtub! I will pray that you become a mommy soon in God's timing. God bless. :)


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