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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Skip a Meal Meme

hi readers! i am just on a blog posting roll right now. it is Sunday so time for one of my favorite blog hops, Sunday Stealing. would love to have you follow along and read your answers. this one is about food, so hope you are hungry...sort of :)

Meal Skipper Meme

1. Do you skip meals sometimes?--yes, usually not by choice.  
2. Last time you overate?--when we had guest. so many good options to choose from so it was this weekend. 
3. Do you like Mexican food?--yes, especially chips and salsa. 
4. Do you like Chinese food?--i am hit and miss with it. 
5. Do you like Italian food?--yes please...a good lasagna is the way to my heart. 
6. Do you like American food?--i like a good hamburger every now and then. 
7. Have you ever been on a diet?--yes 
8. Do you like vegetables?--yes, most of them 
9. On a scale from 1 to 5 how much do you eat a day (1= not eating, 5= eating 3 meals)?--about a 3, i usually eat 2 times a day.  
10. Do you think you eat healthily?--for the most part.
11. Do you think you are ugly?--no 
12. Do you like your hair?--yes, though i wish it was longer, but the short look fits me well.  
13. Do you like the way you look?--yes 
14. Would you want to change anything?--no, b/c then I would not be me! 
15. Do you ever wear a lucky color?--no, but i like black as it goes with everything. 
16. Do you care how other people see you?--sometimes 
17. Do you or have you ever worn braces?--no 
18. Do you wear glasses and/or contacts?--just readers as needed. i have had 3 eye surgeries, but surprisingly no need to glasses.  
19. Do you want to gain weight, lose weight, or stay about the same?--lose some weight. 
20. What do you do if you have the flu?--bundle up in my covers and want to sleep. keep lots of water near by.  
21. How many tries to get your drivers license?--2
22. Are you saving up for anything in the future?--life, going back to school, and a house.
23. Do you have a lot of spare time?--not really. there is always something that i can do.  
24. Do you consider yourself a responsible person?--yes 
25. Do you consider yourself a lazy person?--depends on what i am being asked to do.

*your turn!!!.... 



  1. Nice responses! :) I enjoyed reading them!

    1. Thank you! Come back next week for more meme fun and answers!

  2. What a fun meme! From skipping meals to how you view yourself! Some questions don't seem to fit the theme but hey, who cares! Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare


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