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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


hi readers! here is what is "currently" going on my end. what about yours? happy Wednesday! thanks to my friend Alex from Munchkins and the Military for this post idea :)

Currently i am...

READING e-mails and blogs
WRITING e-mails and this blog post and comments on Facebook and writing up some reviews for products i have tested.
LISTENING to not too much right now but the sounds of random conversations from those in the student center at the office
THINKING about life, what to do the day and why my tummy is feeling weird. 
SMELLINGa mixture of air freshener and what is coming off as bananas
WISHING i could be at home and sleeping a bit more while still having my bills paid...ha!
WEARING a brown shirt with leaves on it and black pants (work attire)
LOVING all the new shows out this Fall season...Scandal, Blackish, How to Get Away with Murder, Law and Order SVU
WANTING to lose some more weight
NEEDING to see some people other than those at work and a vacation!
FEELING ignored by those who i thought were my friends at work. i guess that is why they have been refereed to as "work friends". having friends in the corporate world is tricky.



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