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Monday, October 20, 2014

Memory Monday--First School

hi readers! happy Monday :) hope it was a good one. same ole craziness on my end. i am telling you my work environment is something else lately. oh well, let me think of some good memories with these meme, Memory Monday, with Retired not Tired, w/the theme being My First School.

oh school. how i loved it so much when i was a kid. all my friends were there and i did not know or care about how the food taste. square pizza and cupcakes and milk in the plastic bags that you poked the straw in. chocolate milk was the best and you ALWAYS got 2 :) my first school that i can remember after pre-school that i remembered was Durrance Elementary. i rode my bike to school and there was a little short cut bike trail that all the kids took (safe times back then) my mom or dad would watch me ride my bike as fast as i could until i vanished in the wooded short cut trail. i would get to school and lock up my bike with the combo that i so carefully memorized. i liked my teachers, friends, and classes. i did well in school. my best and favorite subject was science. the activities were fun. playground time was fun and i remember my PE teacher's name was Ms. Hershey...yes, like the chocolate brand Hershey. she was fun and nice and let us go outside to run around and play kickball...after we ran a lap around the field while she was in the shade. hmmm, why was she always in the shade? overall my first school and school in general was a great experience and though we moved a lot being military, i still had a good time. 



  1. What a terrific memory. Thanks for joining in.

  2. I remember my bike got stolen! :(
    but I think that actually might have been my second school.... but not completely sure. But I do remember that it was an awesome feeling the year you were deemed old enough to ride to school.
    My favourite subject was always English (which for us means Literature - not the language) and Gym.


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