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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Over Coffee

hi readers! let;s have some coffee and here are the things i will tell you over coffee. i am linking up with A Mama Collective to share with you all.


--over coffee you would probably hear about my update on my eye surgery. forming a of the side effects of the procedure. but i can see and i am driving again.

--over coffee you would hear about how things in the work place can take a turn for the worse when you say something that you thought was a joke to someone and they take it all wrong....regardless of them knowing that you joke a lot and meant nothing by it. note to not joke.

--over coffee i would tell you how excited i am to be taking a couple of days to go to Destin to relax and learn in a conference.

--over coffee i would tell you that lately i have been doing some product testing from Amazon and it is really a lot of fun

--over coffee i would tell you work has been super quiet and slow. where are all the students?

--over coffee i would tell you that it really is time for me to look at improving myself by going back to school and working on that PhD. 

--over coffee i would tell you that i really am a nice person and i do forgive easily, even if you have hurt me as long as we talk it out and understand why it happened, i am good to go and will still be your friend. i just want the same back in return, but i guess it is not the same for everyone.

--over coffee i would tell you that i am sure worried about my mother's planned overseas trip with all the viruses going around and such. she is not worried, but i am and i do pray for her safety.

**yep, you would get all of this over coffee :)



  1. Oh, your trip to the beach sounds like it will be so relaxing! Enjoy!

    1. Yes, I am sure hoping it will be. Thanks for stopping by Jenna!


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