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Monday, December 31, 2012

A to Z Recap of 2012-Happy New Year's Eve!

Here is an attempt to do a recap of the year 2012. There were ups and downs, but overall, not to bad of a year. It was a humbling year for sure and many lessons were learned. Hopefully downsizing the year 2012 to an A to Z list will make this post not go on through 2013...Ha! Here we go :)

A-Apples and Apps-I became more appreciative off the fruit and ate a lot more. I used my Iphone apps to my benefit this year and got lots of free money and items from them.
B-Bargains-I became really, I mean RIDICULOUSLY good at finding good bargains and FREEBIES.
C-Counselor-I have become as my role as a counselor to students in dealing with Financial Aid.
D-Driving-I have done lots of driving this year, mainly due to the job. Glad they pay for mileage :)
E-Eating and Elections 2012-I have done a much better job, than in past, in eating right. Plan to keep this going! The Election of 2012. How could one forget! I voted and will be a good American and support our President!  
F-Food and Funny-I still love food always will. I did more cooking. I was quite the funny one this year!
G-Graduate-I became a graduate...again :)
H-Humble, Help, and Humility-2012 taught me all about being humble and humility as well. Lesson learned 2012, lesson learned. Able to help people who needed it out.
I-Ice and Inger-New found respect for Ice. Almost cannot have a drink now without it! Yes, even in the winter. And at work, met a really cool, sweet, and funny gal named Inger :)
J-Joshua-My heart, My Love, My Boo, My Fiance, My JJ, My Man. We kept our love strong this year even with the distance and some road blocks. Our love never failed and for that I am grateful. Thank you! 
K-Keep-There are things that I will keep close to my heart and in memory from 2012.
L-Love-I have learned to love and accept all things.
M-Masters-I earned my Masters Degree in Public Health in 2012! Wahoo!
N-Nice-I was nice to people this year. This will continue.
O-Opportunity-I have been given the opportunity to do more things that I thought possible in 2012. I hope this carries on to 2013.
P-Pregnant-I was NOT pregnant this year. However, I do want children in the near future 2014 or 2015.
Q-Queen-I heard this name a lot this year in referring to me from my love. I am his Queen!
R-Recycling-I started recycling this year. I take our collected water bottles to work and recycle there.
S-Skype-Love this program! Used it A LOT this year. It has done wonders for my love and me. We get to see each other basically everyday now and our niece (the baby) too :)
T-Time-I learned to manage time much better this year. Still wish there were more in a day...sometimes!
U-Unique-I stayed unique and true to myself. I appreciate my unique heritage and name a lot more this year than in years before. 
V-Voluptuous-I stayed true to my curves this year. I am proud of them and it does not hurt that my love likes them too :)
W-Water-I have been drinking more water this year. The cool gear cups help out a ton! I drink at least 3 of the 20 oz cups each day.
X-eXtra-I feel as I have pulled my weight in all I do and even have done eXtra without being asked.
Y-You-Powerful word! I have embraced the phrases: YOU are important! YOU are loved! YOU are wanted! YOU are needed! YOU are valuable! I am proud of YOU!
Z-Zesty and Zipper-I was Zesty this year in personality and in my cooking. Zipper goes for well, I have updated my purses, 2 new Coach bags and one Relic (generic brand of Fossil) and they guessed it...Zippers!!! Not to worry, remember letter "B" for Bargain, I got GREAT deals on them all. The Coach (from the Coach Factory Store) bags were under $70.00 and the Relic bag from Fossil was under $20.00.

Well, that is it. 2012 A to Z completed. Enjoy and Best wishes and Blessings for 2013! Happy New Year!!!

~eloquently rambling....

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