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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

State Worker Pluses :)

work is work. i am grateful for it. really i am . i am not sure what i would do without employment mainly b/c i am not yet a wife or mother, so what would i do? read a book? i have read all the books :) anyhow, being a state worker does have it pluses such as...PAID holiday break. that is right!!!!....2 weeks of PAID time off. yea for "winter break" as we call it. i am SO grateful. i now understand why a lot of state workers basically "die" at their desk.

on another note: things are looking up for my love and i could not be happier. he is a good man and a hard worker and it broke my heart to know things were not going as they should. i helped the best i could and also provided 110% support. it was my pleasure. always remember, NEVER GIVE UP!!! i hope he knows that i will NEVER GIVE UP on him :) I love him <3 happy holidays and thank you Mrs. Blimes for my first comment in a LONGGGGGGG time! you rock!

~eloquently rambling....

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