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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Good Days, Bad Days...

there are good days and then there are bad days and then there is today...just plain ole' aggravating. the smallest things are making my skin crawl right now. i think i am just upset with not having the car today, i could have really used it. i am trying real hard to understand the logic behind it all. it is SILLY! i am almost 30, with a full-time job, yet for some odd reason b/c the car will sit here at work and not move...i cannot drive it. need to rethink getting my own car ASAP. but hmmm, school loan payment or car? anyhow, i am all caught up at the office and well, i am bored. that could be the issue too. also folks it is "BOTH" pronounce the "th" not "BOFF"...ugh!!! my dear fiance is SO SWEET! he just said I am sorry, is there anything i can do. I just said, no, just listen to me rant.  going back to keeping my hands warm now over this candle :) thank you for letting me rant.

~eloquently rambling.

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