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Monday, December 17, 2012

Are we really listening America???

one has to wonder, are we really listening America? all weekend we have heard nothing but the tragic and senseless killings of 26 people. but again i ask are we really listening? it is sad, we are thinking that could have been my loved young one, could have been my school, how could anyone do this? we have all cried, had our hearts broken and held our loved ones a little bit closer or talked to them a little bit longer. however, are we listening America? are we REALLY ready to do something to change the rules regarding guns, mental health, and other factors that lead to tragic events? change is hard, i agree, but if we want acts of violence like this to stop, things have to change. access to tools that can harm others need tougher regulations. i know the people of Connecticut are ready for change and reform, the President is read use his power to make it happen, are we ready America to make the change. We should not have to wait until OUR town or families become victims to rise up and make change need to happen now! we need to put aside OUR WANTS for "this and that" and "luxury" freedoms (i view having a firearm as a luxury freedom, one will not die without having one as your would without food, water, or healthcare) and focus on what we all NEED as a nation. it is time to show each other how much love we truly have for our great nation and to show America and the lives lost at Sandy Hook, yes we are not only grieving with you, but WE ARE LISTENING!!!

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