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Friday, December 28, 2012

Blogs, Blogs, Everywhere!!!

Just finished up talking with my love! Gotta love Skype. It has helped us out A LOT! I can be funny at times and this time was one of them. We were talking about pie (as in food) and well, I am in search of minced pie for my aunt who will be coming in town and well I have not found it yet :( Next time I am telling her "look here, you are going to have to BYOP (Bring Your Own Pie) next time" (That was my funny moment, got my love laughing and calling me "wild" as he does).

Well, in between our video chat/date, b/c we are both work-a-holics, I have been (I will admit it) Blog Stalking (it is not illegal right??). Well as you may have guessed I am still up and stumbling across more and more blogs. It is safe to say that one good blog leads to another! :) Now to get some more followers!!!

~eloquently rambling....

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