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Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day!

hi readers! happy September! happy Monday! Happy Labor Day! i hope it is a relaxing and safe one. i am so ready for the Fall. mmm, the cooler  weather and pumpkins are great. so far today, i took a walk on the beach, finished up some laundry, and made a nice fresh healthy green bowl of salad for the family. i am now catching up on Dr. Oz via tivo. how is your Labor Day going?

also, if you have diabetes, or know someone that does, make sure their blood sugar machine is current and up to date. this is a great one below. stay healthy!

Diabetes is such a common disease. Many of us have it or know someone that does. Check yout numbers and make sure they are accurate with OneTouch. 

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  1. My hubby has these (type 2). Great advice. He manages his well with diet and exercise.

    1. That is great! So glad he maintains good numbers and is doing well with the condition.


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