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Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Updates

hi readers! i sure have been out for a while in the blog world. just been really busy with all sorts of things. here is a quick update...

--sports season is here...GO NOLES! now we just need to keep our QB out of trouble.
--work has been interesting. why are they not fully staffing an office and they knew the person was going to be out for a period of time before hand b/c she was having a baby? 
--i am not a fan of meetings, sometimes i wonder why this could not be done over the phone rather than the drive
--i have been exercising a lot lately and i just did my first 5K Heart Walk. it was a lot of fun and there must have been at least 1000 people there. i am actually looking forward to the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk in October. 
--so happy it is fall and enjoying this cooler weather. it will at least make exercising more bearable.

~wishing you all a positive day and week ahead!



  1. Hey there...looks like you are doing all the right things for YOU!

    1. Linda, yes, I sure was. Fall is a busy time of year!

  2. Came over from A Mama Collective. You go on your 5K and upcoming walk! I think that is so awesome

    1. Emily, thank you for stopping by. I hope I can attend this upcoming one!

  3. Congrats on the 5k! That is awesome. :)


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