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Saturday, September 6, 2014

I would not mind Link-up Saturday

Welcome to the "I would not mind" link-up happening on Saturday. I am your host Eloquent Rambles. This link up is really simple. Just give 3 or more things that you"would not mind", link-up, visit a few others, and leave a comment. We all LOVE comments. Bloggers live off comments right? That is it. Simple, easy, and I hope fun. Let's go!

I would not mind...

--a juicy hamburger right now

--continuous good days

--my body cooroprating with me and my sugars stabilizing (frustrating few days with this!)

*what would you not mind?*

Thanks for leaving a link to your blog post in the comment/linking up!



  1. 1. Peace for even a complete day!
    2. Dancing lessons
    3. Time with my grandson

    1. Linda great! Yes! Peace for a few days would be nice. I hope you get sometime with your grandson and dancing lessons. Thanks for joining!


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