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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

One year ago today....

hi readers! it is Tuesday and today is a unique day for me and here is is my one year anniversary. unique you may ask, well, it is not an anniversary of a relationship or anything like that, it is one of the beginning of series of eye surgeries to fix my detached retinas. 

you see, this time last year 9/23/14 i could not see. my vision was so blurry and bad due my retina in my left eye detaching (and then my right eye followed one month later) that i could only see really big objects like people and cars, but that was really it and it was a struggle. so thus began my series of surgeries to fix the issue. thank goodness i went to the right doctor the first time and did not have to go back and forth or to the ER first. who knows what or who the doctor that day could have been and they may not have been able to restore my vision. it was scary to say the least. today is the day that started it all. 3 surgeries later, my eye sight is still improving and i am healing and progressing. i may never get back to perfect 20/20 vision again, but i can sure see my loved ones, function, drive again, day and night, and so far so good to the point where my check-ups are now every 6 months rather than every month. i am so thankful for my sight and continue to thank the higher powers above for allowing me this opportunity! so...HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY EYES!!! i hope you continue to see clearly all that you want to see!!!



  1. So happy for you to have such a great celebration! Vision is something that is taken for granted, but we should be thanking our higher power every day for good sight!

    1. Linda, thank you so much for your sweet comment! I am still looking for ideas and ways to be an online instructor. Any tips?


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