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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Boys Behind the Blog...

this Boys Behind the Blog is going to be answered by my oh so cute younger brother.
oh, he is precious in this "Pink" is he not?

1. favorite band/musician?--i love rock music. right now i am into the group called "stained"

2. your first cd/tape?--it was a mixed tape of Cameroon music.

3. first concert?--i do not go to concerts much, but would like too. when i went on a cruise, i went to the "rock concert" show they had. it was good!

4. favorite thanksgiving food?--the pie of course. i have a sweet tooth...well, more like sweet teeth.

5. finish the sentence...i am thankful for?--i am thankful for the things i have.

~eloquently rambling...



  1. Replies
    1. thanks for stopping by! i need to go and check you out too!

  2. I never knew your brother was so handsome! Be glad I've sworn off younger men...mostly.

    1. ha! yes, he is. but he is also under 23 :) love your post!


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