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Friday, November 22, 2013

Sorry so late :(

hey all! happy friday. busy day so sorry i am SOOO late with this post and joining all the blog hops. so far so good. things in general are and will get better. here we go with some of my favorite friday link-ups: Feeling Beachie with the friday 4 and happies and crappies:

Feeling Beachie

1. i do not remember the last time i truly did RELAX

2. sometimes i wish WORD PROBLEMS were NEVER invented

3 i love when someone SENDS AN E-CARD to you

4. if i could, i would do VISITING MY LOVE all day!

The Vintage Modern Wife and Brunch With Amber: Happies and Crappies Link Up


--got october files up to date
--had an overall quiet and good day
--i am feeling a lot better health wise
--my room is not so messy


--i was by myself in the office
--i have a doctors appt in the am...yes on SATURDAY! no fun :(
--i was told some hurtful things by those that are dear to me
--i am missing diet coke and waiting for an apology.

~eloquently rambling...


  1. True relaxation is something everybody seems to long for, and it is so important to keep healthy in today's fast paced life style...
    I like your happies and crappies :) stopping by from Friday 4s

    1. Claudia, thanks for stopping by! i could so use some relaxation among other things!

  2. relaxing - sadly something none of us have enough time for...


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