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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Social & Possible Move?

happy Sunday! you know that means Sunday Social! All about Thanksgiving :) who does not love to eat right? 

Sunday Social

that is what the spread tends to look like...

this is what my plate tends to look like! greedy; ha! do not judge!!

ok here are the questions and answers for this week:

1. favorite thanksgiving memory--all the family around and me actually cooking the turkey right where is was moist and not dry :)

2. favorite thanksgiving food: stuffing and the turkey wing :)

3. thanksgiving tradition: someone is almost always over for the meal and also my father trying to bribe me to stand in those CRAZY BLACK FRIDAY lines!!! umm...NO!
this is craziness. REFUSE to do it, let's wait until cyber monday please!

4. thanksgiving picture...
the 4 of us...are we not precious!

5. what are you most looking forward to this thanksgiving: i am looking forward to my eyes continuing to get better so that i am not tricked into eating chicken rather than turkey...LOL, and i am super excited for the 5 days off for thanksgiving this year! wed-sun! thanks school president!! :)

ok, now here is my question: is acting weird. should i keep it or make the move to another blogging site like say wordpress?? thoughts? thanks!

~eloquently rambling...


  1. Your food looks yummy! Can I come over this year :) Stopping over from Sunday Social! Darlynn at The Little Blog Dress

    1. Darlynn, sure you can stop over!! We always have a guest or 2 over. Thanks for stopping by! cute blog name!


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