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Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekly Wishes

i hope you all have a happy monday. mine is ok, but i have seen better on monday's. i have an issue that i am dealing with and well, my weekly wishes will explain it all...i hope.

my wishes for the week:

1. i wish to get my work files least the last 5 for october

2. i wish to find out what is wrong with me health wise

3. i wish for my eyes to keep improving

4. my BIGGEST wish for the week is this: i wish my love and i would stop fighting over petty things like what is being posted on facebook, who can see what, if a relationship status should be up there or not, deleting post etc. it is a mess. i just want the mess gone and us back to normal. i hope/wish it can happen for us this week. any advice? back off for a while and let him come back to me or what?

**what are your wishes?

so i am also doing Acting Balanced Monday Quiz--here are the 4 questions

1. According to the source I use for strange and wonderful days, today is Occult Day - are you a believer?--i have no idea what this day is so...not a believer

2. Have you ever attended an auction?  Did you win what you were bidding on?--no, but i would like to be at one for a car or house

3. Have you started your Christmas shopping?  Finished it?--in my head i have. i need to get to ordering

4. How's your weather?--it is wet/rainy today, but not cold; more of damp

~eloquently rambling...

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